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text of the quote A priceless smile by a young Barabaig girl at a dance.

Sweet smiles from the land of the Barabaig.

Safari Experience & Expertise

Our passions are East Africa and safaris! We have extensive knowledge in East African wildlife, safaris, trekking, languages, accommodation, cultures, music and more. Through our comprehensive travel kits and consultations, you'll be fully prepared for your adventure.

Cultural Interaction

The typical traveler does not have an opportunity to interact with the local people on a meaningful level. Yet, with Another Land you don't have to be typical. Over 90% of our travelers repeatedly tell us that our cultural programs were their favorite part of their trip.

Discover By Doing

Roll up your sleeves and participate in life alongside the locals... cook traditional food, learn music, study with shamans, or brew banana beer. As you join in and learn, you will turn from tourist to friend. You will not be passing through... you will be truly there.

Grammy Logo

Another Land's project with Bela Fleck Wins Third Grammy! Check out the press release about the project "Throw Down Your Heart."

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Check out the Amias Project, our fair-trade fashion accessories project with the Barabaig!
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